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Day’s Before Things Start Having A Break ‘One’

9:58 PM


So it’s just another boring night inside my house, I should be sleeping by now, I promised myself and to someone that I should be sleeping by now. But instead I basically end up doing this lazy¬† journal blog, hopefully this would give me something in return better and big than giving up my 8 hour sleep.

So I basically have a “L O N G” test tomorrow morning in my Gen Math subject, for sure my teacher would be very disappointing once she checked my test paper, and the downfall of tomorrow is that 56% of the class has a copy of all of the formulas since the first topic this 2nd quarter, while the rest doesn’t have because we are typically… very.. talented and gifted? Yes, talented and gifted folks! Ha Ha Ha.


10:50 PM

I need to go to sleep, need to wake up early tomorrow, I can’t believe that my blog would end up like my journals way back when I was 10 year’s old (please don’t read that part with the same tone as Luke Graham’s song 7 years old) with different drawing style. Trust me my drawing way back was just a rip off of ‘Diary of a Wimpy Kid’¬†so nothing much to show. I might show and share my old journals before once I get some more viewers lately.


-T o B e Co n t i n u e D-

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