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Day’s Before Things Start Having A Break ‘Two’

7:20 AM

So guess what, I’m late for my long test today, but I don’t really care at all cuz it’s just a long test (BUT DEEP DOWN MY SOUL I NEED TO GET THERE IN TIME AND PASS MY TEST!) so I was awake since 5:00 in the morning, but I can’t go to school with not that much energy so I took a nice little power nap because I love self.

Next, I woke up it was 5:58 I was still sleepy and it;s still early to go to school because school is just near, so I took a power nap because I love myself, next thing I know my grandma woke me up to tell me to go and take a shower.

But didn’t take a shower instead, I watched meme’s for motivation to do well today. Took a bath when it was 6:40 and left by 7:00 here I am! Walking towards school, just a couple of walks away then I’m at school

7:29 AM

Ha! Finally freaking made it in school, but not on class, 2 more floors before I make it to my classroom, i’m starting to sweat tho.

12:56 PM

Man what a day… Our dismissal happened awhile ago but we need to take some videos for our media tomorrow, it has been a busy day lately. But its quite fun tho in the end.

The test was easy-ish, Just didn’t get to answer test four properly because I forgot my formula card, yea sucks.



1:02 PM
I just took a video for awhile with my remaining classmates and what happened awhile ago, right now I just might play alone

4:13 PM
On my way home from ‘Hyper Blitz’, had a good game today tho not bad at all. So basically I’m just gonna walk my way home and start putting this in my blog.

Normal day for a student I suppose, a nice cloudy day with nothing much to do but go to school and listen to what ever the teacher says and leave school as early as possible and play, but I don’t want that everyday, I want something new, something fresh from my experience box, something I would enjoy, but what would it be?

4:28 PM

Finally! Here inside SM! No more heat and pollution for awhile but just nice cozy cold air con all over my sweating body *relaxing exhale sound*

Couple of more steps and I’m put of this place sad background music

Okay I’m outside, I miss the air condition huhu

4:34 PM
Finally got a jeep, but it won’t move unless the jeep is full of passengers.

Finally! After 4 minuets the wait is over! It finally moves! HAHA

Okay after 2 minuets of chilling, I’m here walking again, but this time I’m almost near to my house.


4:43 PM

5:39 PM
Do you just crave for street foods? Because I do right now I’m gonna spoil myself with some nice good old Fish ball!

5:52 PM
Finished eating, spent 30 pesos totally worth it, but now I still crave hmm.. I want some shake.

6:10 PM
Ordering ‘mami’ right now in front of our house, this is the ever best ‘mami’ I ever tasted!

6:36 PM
Back in my crib y’all!

8:38 PM
Basically doing nothing, wanna do something productive tonight!

9:25 PM
Just finished watching Logan *not crying*

It’s cool to see a great ending with just one emotion, but watching Logan still gives you the hype and feels at the same time, you can’t just have that two feeling all together, like you see Logan being all bloody and gore then at the same time your starting to cry (I’m basically a real man so pfft)

Because we know that he’s gonna die. Like. That’s just. Really really. Cool and Sad.

9:28 PM
But it’s getting late, need to get some sleep and see you (HA! I CAN SEE YOU WHILE READING!) tomorrow, night!

– Eh N D –

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