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Day’s Before Things Start Having A Break ‘Three’

What can I say about this day? Hmm.

First is that I don’t hate k-pop fans, I;m being honest.  You just might hate me a when you read it.

I really don’t know how to make it a great and an interesting day for this blog post, but I just feel like posting it so I can follow up the days that happens to me.


6:27 AM

No I did not wake up at 6:27 AM

Now I’m on my way to ‘Hyper Blitz’ because there will be no classes due to feild trip, I will play for 10 hours and probably add another 3 in case I’m still in the zone to play some more.

I basically woke up around 3:32 AM which didn’t quite go well because I had a hard time getting back to sleep, but no worries I got some sleep anyways.

6:33 AM
At the jeep going ‘Hyper Blitz’ while I was typing about my epic story of my life, somebody paid for my fair, like WOAH! Did he just paid for my fair?! Like dude I will pay I’m just literally typing

Take this as an advantage folks! Show the person beside you in a bus or jeep or anywhere that you ate typing about your day and you would end up having someone paying for it

6:39 AM
I paid the dude

Here already sitting in my favorite spot ‘PC 46’ why? It’s beside the air con that’s why

I’m gonna wait for my best friend Alvarez to come here if not well solo-gaming then


10:26 AM

I still have 6 hours and 12 mins remaining in my computer, I played CS:GO and trolled again so one more and we will win, but I killed someone annoying so I was ban for an hour (totally worth it) and now, I’m just gonna play League

10:54 AM

I love League but not the players

4:15 PM

24 mins left, my best friend Chondrei came here to invite me to a mall which is really far but everything’s on him, and mom bought me a new phone ❤ (life of a teenager baby)

4:22 PM
Finally! Removed my ass from that chair and my body is melting from the coldness of that place (I miss it already huhu)

You know what’s great avout today? Is that I’m wearing my grey jacket backwards

4:44 PM
Finally here at ‘SM Sangandaan’ the nearest mall to my place, can’t wait to eat.

4:49 PM
Eating at ‘Snow Panda’ I ordered ‘Orea Bingsu’

I just dared him to shout that ‘BTS’ is gay. And he basically did.



5:45 PM

9:47 PM
You know what’s great about today? Is that when I just lay down in my bed and talk to the person I love and care the most. And knowing that once I sleep I will see her tomorrow as I wake up

10:26 PM
See you soon

– e n D –

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