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So what’s the plan? it’s been two weeks since we started this project and we’ve been planning this all along before February, so what did we do?


Well not everything I guess but we’ve bought the thing’s and materials we need!

And with this we can have a stepping stone for future work’s and idea’s of our design, we must have samples first and blueprints about it so we can design it better it than ever.


So when will we make it? Well it’s Christmas break and of course no one is available because it’s a holiday and all of us just want’s to slack off and rest because we want to chill from all of does homework and projects.

So we set a calendar of dates.

we’ve basically planned every day we are free, but we all now that we’re not so we had a plan.


Each of us will assign ourselves with something, while I’m more focus on the blog the rest are  more focused on doing with the clothing, Henry  started making some already even the other members.

Henry is actually doing the clothes already for our mini figures here.

And that’s for our weekly update for our Ireland project!

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Day’s Before Things Start Having A Break ‘Seven’

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We get to learn something new from someone who know’s better than us and that’s an advantage if we listen to someone who is older to us and to our parents.

I know you have best friends too that won’t let you get harmed but sometimes the care of a parent is still different and their advise as well, but sometimes are best friends will just tell you..

“Go for her bro!”

“Dude you’re gonna let her go?”

“Iiwanan mo yung babaeng yan? Eh ang hirap makahanap niyan”

These are the lines and opinions that our best friends would give, well if your partner didn’t cheat on you or vice versa…


Now this is something I don’t talk about every time, but it’s the truth, okay let’s say you love someone that’s not really pretty for them but has a kind heart and good attentions towards you, will they allow you to be with that person?


A good personality and heart is far more greater than boobs and beauty.

Why would they allow you with that simple nerd rather than that pretty girl back in high school?

Probably our parent’s saw something from her that will not put us to harm or what.

That, that girl can truly love us no matter what.

‘Hindi puro kilig lang at holding hands in public and gusto lang ng syota for now and to feel love’

You can feel love from many things.





Best Friends 


And many more..

Because if you can’t love yourself and your parents how can you love someone else?

This is something that you must realize first before entering in a relationship, and many more.


Why are you reading this until now?

Off topic right? Okay here’s another one.

Do you love your partner?

Why do you love your partner?

Why him/her?

And why ‘N O W’?


To make you realize something.

Are you reading this because you can relate? Or you just wanna see what my life will be in the future?

Do you really love your partner for who he is or you love him for what he has and can give you?

Why do you love your partner, is it your choice or your friends force you to or you just felt sad for that person and gave that person a chance?

Why him/her?

Why now? I don’t know how old are you but I’m going to put it according to age.

13 to 17 – Why now? Is it the right time, right place, right season and right person? Why not after school why now? Why not when you’re earning money on your own why now when your still studying and young to find out who you really are? Or you’re just jealous because you’re friends are in a relationship already and your not?

18 to 23 – Why now? Is it your season? Are you ready to get in again from your last break up? Are you ready to have your first love? Or are you just desperate to have on because you’re getting old and lonely here on earth? Do you have enough money already to get married?


To make you think about your life right now.

These are my questions everyday when I wake up.

And I did ask my self about Yanna.


Which I know it’s wrong and in the long run it will really hurt me and her a lot, no actually destroy is the word for it.



read next blog post

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Day’s Before Things Start Having A Break ‘Six’


It’s because I choose to be with her.

Yes, I choose to be with her, I chose her not because of what I feel towards her but because I want to be with her for the rest of my life.

Even she..

Isn’t sweet in words

Doesn’t show her care (I mean she cares, she’s just not showy)

Has a really stormy bipolar moments

Loves irritating me a lot (which I love tho..)

Even all does things are all pilled up, all of her flaws and my expectations that I have in her sometimes that doesn’t happen, which actually hurt’s tho..


I wouldn’t expect much in return for it, she’s not the aggressive type of girl that would do so much and I accepted that and loved that side of her, it’s weird actually I don’t know if it’s maturity or what.

But I’m somehow not the type of guy who will just accept everything about you (which is wrong) but ever since I met her, everything started to change everything I knew about love was all wrong.


I don’t want a pretty face..

I don’t want just anyone to hold..

I don’t want my love to go to waste..

I want you..

And you’re beautiful soul..

Now this, this verse this chorus part of the song is me.

“You don’t want a pretty face? So even ugly women you would love too?”

Okay first of all every women is beautiful it only takes one man to see it, show and make her feel she is.

And for me Yanna was the pretties woman I have ever seen, even she looks so haggard or she hasn’t even taken a shower I would still kiss her.


She’s gone.

Thank’s to mum tho.

Mum said I would thank her in the long run, well I hope I will.

Mother knows best.

But sometimes we just can’t help it to put a grudge to them especially if you think that your decisions are all right.

But to be really honest, they just want the best for us, not just in academics even in love.

If this would be our best friends they would still push you to ‘fight’ for the person we love even the both of you are doing wrong things.

And of course are parents would do the opposite.



-read next blog post-

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Day’s Before Things Start Having A Break ‘Five’

Okay I give up, my brain cell’s can’t produce it any more.

I stopped posting this because I didn’t want to talk about it anymore, but as a promise I must finish it.


I stopped for more than a week just because of this topic, I hate going back to it because I’m still affected to it, but I don’t want all of you to be so curious on what happens next and start making new blog post of a puppy rolling over the floor with poop on his fur.

I’ll continue it, but I can’t put the time anymore.



So last time we talked about how to make my Vlogs interesting, well let me tell you this.


Not important to remember at all in this story I’m about to tell you.

Let me tell you how this story of mine will be going, okay?

This first saga, all of this “DAYS BEFORE THINGS START HAVING A BREAK”

Is about me a little boy getting a messed up month (or probably life) and trying to make his life better and interesting afterwards.

But I guess I can’t after all.


I have, no ‘H A D” a girl in my life.

She’s weird

She loves getting me irritated

She eat’s a lot secretly

She’s beautiful

She’s a lowkey geek in Marvel and DC

She’s just being her

She’s (was) everything..

She’s (was)  love…

Ever had that one person in your life that just made you feel that you dont need anyone or anything in this world that can offer because that person has it all already? Everything you ever needed and wanted was with that person already?

Well I had one, her name was Yanna.

If you try finding her in your social media accounts right now it’s going to be hard tho lol.

We had a great year together, how can I describe us? Well let me see.

Uhmm the two weirdest person you can think of just finally collide?

Or probably couples in crime?

Which is which, both makes a perfect fit for the both of us.


Well ever since we’ve been together there was a little tiny problem that grew until we can’t prevent it from happening.


Okay this is not some wattpad story okay? Well it’s going to sound like one because of my lovable and caring mother.

Why? Why in the world would we break up because of my mom? Well.


Mom doesn’t like her because she look’s like a ‘katulong’ like her favorite line is always “mas maganda pa katulong naten diyan ee” and I’m over here thinking like “Do you even care how I feel?” 

So ever since we’ve been together I told her about my mom, like my mom is very very very picky on girls.

And she was like “I don’t care, I love you” so I was happy and all.


Y E S.

To the point that my mom would literally abandon me and forget me as her son just because of her and I would literally get embarrassed  in front of my other relatives because of her as my girl. (well my mom was still the cause of it)

Ever since that I was fighting for her for, in tagalog ‘pinaglalaban ko siya’  

To the point I cannot anymore.

That day.

My mom love’s to just snatch my damn phone out of the blue and push me away or even punch me if I try to get my phone, which would really piss me off lol.

Well she ask sometimes but still, for what?


My mom is the woman you wouldn’t want to have as a mom.

If your not good at picking and just don’t care about the appearance of the person you love.

Because I’m the type of dude who doesn’t care about appearance.


‘If mahal mo siya, mahalin mo siya kung sino siya, hindi kung ano meron siya at kung ano muka niya, paano pag nag sama kayo at pag gising mo kamuka niya pala yung asong gala sainyo?” – Rendell Belen 2017

Love her for who she is, beauty will just be the bonus of it.

This is the year of big tits and nice ass and a pretty face even your dumb.

They wouldn’t care if you have all this three and you can slay, damn you will be famous in your campus and will have a great youth for being like that, but probably won’t find the ‘right man’ and witness and have the love you ever wanted.


You be with pretty boys who just want’s you as display or taste you and leave you afterwards after you gave all your love for them and effort.

Find a man a warrior, not a boy a ninja.


I love her because she was her.

She was original.

She was her the whole time.

She was shy at first.

But stepping aside that she waited for me for 4 years with no assurance was something also.

But why do I love her?

read the next blog post


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Day’s Before Things Start Having A Break ‘Four’

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So, it’s been more than a week since I last posted in my blog, why?

Semester break was pretty sh*tty I supposed, but worth it in some other ways, have you ever done something that you didn’t want to do? Have you did something very regretful that made you feel dirty? Or where you stuck in a situation that makes you go completely insane?

Well folks! You’ll be having a treat because all does happened to me in a week.

So this is gonna be a 7 days blog post.

Or more.

(I can’t pretty tell the time exactly but with my awesome telekinesis I can remember it pretty good)



(Within 6 in the morning onwards yea)

Sembreak is finally here! After all this time I can finally slack off and do some vlogging, well I know that wouldn’t be easy but you know what this person said,

“You have to fight to reach your dream. You have to sacrifice and work hard for it.”  – Lionel Messi

Yes the professional football player, number 10 from FC Barcelona.

Life isn’t easy, and it never will be that’s what I realized from this past few weeks before I can slack of everyday here at Las Piñas with my mom and brothers and sister. I finished the exams but I didn’t get to take my ‘Oral Communication’ test because my dad payed at the same day when my exam was happening, but oh well.

A lot of things was about to happen before sembreak, ‘Marlou Arizala’ was about to have a face surgery, A ‘strike’ is happening during our semester break (man I wished we didn’t have this so early) and classes was getting suspended, season 7 of ‘League of Legend’  is about to end, and I’m over here slacking off with my new phone that mommy bought a ‘Huawei GR5 2016’ and looking at meme’s all day long.

I was thinking if I do an everyday vlog, will someone watch it? Well not unless I tell them to view my video’s but will somebody be interested on watching it? I mean it’s ‘YouTube’ probably someone will stumble to my video’s or channel because I commented on ‘heiakim Music’.

But somebody who’s interested on my life? That’s something else. That’s not like “Oh I just saw him there in the comments section begging to hit his channel up” but instead of them searching me on ‘YouTube’ and commenting “Hey dude! Keep it we want to know more!” or a classmate and friend saying to keep it up and to put them in my next vlog.

That’s like a daily vlogger’s goal and dream, to be viewed every video, to be updated everyday on what their doing, like an ‘anime’ or your favorite ‘Netflix’ series like that, we want you to watch us and be updated every episode we publish and be a geek about it like you know every video and what we did on that certain day.

Now if I’m going to make a vlog it has to be interesting somebody who can relate to it, a very common topic or issue that people talk about almost everyday.

And I think I just got the perfect topic!


Yes, suicide, why? I mean have you never encountered that feeling or hype? Of wanting to die and just bleed or torture yourself to death? (I’m actually laughing while typing this) But I’m being honest, I encounter that feeling but not everyday, only when life is getting worst than worst.


And the video is not about ‘How-To-Do-Suicide’ it’s something else that I just want to talk about. Like “Why in the world would you kill yourself, if you can live another day looking at meme’s?”

So me thinking about doing this vlog of mine, my ever first vlog is that “HOW”.


To be really honest, I don’t know.

I mean I have an idea but I don’t know if it will work.


Nope. All I have is the ‘Huawei GR5’ and a fake ‘Gorillapod’

I’m not complaining but this would just be perfect, now what I’m saying is how can I make the video interesting.


-E N D-


The video is actually done and uploaded, here’s the link!

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Day’s Before Things Start Having A Break ‘Three’

What can I say about this day? Hmm.

First is that I don’t hate k-pop fans, I;m being honest.  You just might hate me a when you read it.

I really don’t know how to make it a great and an interesting day for this blog post, but I just feel like posting it so I can follow up the days that happens to me.


6:27 AM

No I did not wake up at 6:27 AM

Now I’m on my way to ‘Hyper Blitz’ because there will be no classes due to feild trip, I will play for 10 hours and probably add another 3 in case I’m still in the zone to play some more.

I basically woke up around 3:32 AM which didn’t quite go well because I had a hard time getting back to sleep, but no worries I got some sleep anyways.

6:33 AM
At the jeep going ‘Hyper Blitz’ while I was typing about my epic story of my life, somebody paid for my fair, like WOAH! Did he just paid for my fair?! Like dude I will pay I’m just literally typing

Take this as an advantage folks! Show the person beside you in a bus or jeep or anywhere that you ate typing about your day and you would end up having someone paying for it

6:39 AM
I paid the dude

Here already sitting in my favorite spot ‘PC 46’ why? It’s beside the air con that’s why

I’m gonna wait for my best friend Alvarez to come here if not well solo-gaming then


10:26 AM

I still have 6 hours and 12 mins remaining in my computer, I played CS:GO and trolled again so one more and we will win, but I killed someone annoying so I was ban for an hour (totally worth it) and now, I’m just gonna play League

10:54 AM

I love League but not the players

4:15 PM

24 mins left, my best friend Chondrei came here to invite me to a mall which is really far but everything’s on him, and mom bought me a new phone ❤ (life of a teenager baby)

4:22 PM
Finally! Removed my ass from that chair and my body is melting from the coldness of that place (I miss it already huhu)

You know what’s great avout today? Is that I’m wearing my grey jacket backwards

4:44 PM
Finally here at ‘SM Sangandaan’ the nearest mall to my place, can’t wait to eat.

4:49 PM
Eating at ‘Snow Panda’ I ordered ‘Orea Bingsu’

I just dared him to shout that ‘BTS’ is gay. And he basically did.



5:45 PM

9:47 PM
You know what’s great about today? Is that when I just lay down in my bed and talk to the person I love and care the most. And knowing that once I sleep I will see her tomorrow as I wake up

10:26 PM
See you soon

– e n D –

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Day’s Before Things Start Having A Break ‘Two’

7:20 AM

So guess what, I’m late for my long test today, but I don’t really care at all cuz it’s just a long test (BUT DEEP DOWN MY SOUL I NEED TO GET THERE IN TIME AND PASS MY TEST!) so I was awake since 5:00 in the morning, but I can’t go to school with not that much energy so I took a nice little power nap because I love self.

Next, I woke up it was 5:58 I was still sleepy and it;s still early to go to school because school is just near, so I took a power nap because I love myself, next thing I know my grandma woke me up to tell me to go and take a shower.

But didn’t take a shower instead, I watched meme’s for motivation to do well today. Took a bath when it was 6:40 and left by 7:00 here I am! Walking towards school, just a couple of walks away then I’m at school

7:29 AM

Ha! Finally freaking made it in school, but not on class, 2 more floors before I make it to my classroom, i’m starting to sweat tho.

12:56 PM

Man what a day… Our dismissal happened awhile ago but we need to take some videos for our media tomorrow, it has been a busy day lately. But its quite fun tho in the end.

The test was easy-ish, Just didn’t get to answer test four properly because I forgot my formula card, yea sucks.



1:02 PM
I just took a video for awhile with my remaining classmates and what happened awhile ago, right now I just might play alone

4:13 PM
On my way home from ‘Hyper Blitz’, had a good game today tho not bad at all. So basically I’m just gonna walk my way home and start putting this in my blog.

Normal day for a student I suppose, a nice cloudy day with nothing much to do but go to school and listen to what ever the teacher says and leave school as early as possible and play, but I don’t want that everyday, I want something new, something fresh from my experience box, something I would enjoy, but what would it be?

4:28 PM

Finally! Here inside SM! No more heat and pollution for awhile but just nice cozy cold air con all over my sweating body *relaxing exhale sound*

Couple of more steps and I’m put of this place sad background music

Okay I’m outside, I miss the air condition huhu

4:34 PM
Finally got a jeep, but it won’t move unless the jeep is full of passengers.

Finally! After 4 minuets the wait is over! It finally moves! HAHA

Okay after 2 minuets of chilling, I’m here walking again, but this time I’m almost near to my house.


4:43 PM

5:39 PM
Do you just crave for street foods? Because I do right now I’m gonna spoil myself with some nice good old Fish ball!

5:52 PM
Finished eating, spent 30 pesos totally worth it, but now I still crave hmm.. I want some shake.

6:10 PM
Ordering ‘mami’ right now in front of our house, this is the ever best ‘mami’ I ever tasted!

6:36 PM
Back in my crib y’all!

8:38 PM
Basically doing nothing, wanna do something productive tonight!

9:25 PM
Just finished watching Logan *not crying*

It’s cool to see a great ending with just one emotion, but watching Logan still gives you the hype and feels at the same time, you can’t just have that two feeling all together, like you see Logan being all bloody and gore then at the same time your starting to cry (I’m basically a real man so pfft)

Because we know that he’s gonna die. Like. That’s just. Really really. Cool and Sad.

9:28 PM
But it’s getting late, need to get some sleep and see you (HA! I CAN SEE YOU WHILE READING!) tomorrow, night!

– Eh N D –

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Day’s Before Things Start Having A Break ‘One’

9:58 PM


So it’s just another boring night inside my house, I should be sleeping by now, I promised myself and to someone that I should be sleeping by now. But instead I basically end up doing this lazy  journal blog, hopefully this would give me something in return better and big than giving up my 8 hour sleep.

So I basically have a “L O N G” test tomorrow morning in my Gen Math subject, for sure my teacher would be very disappointing once she checked my test paper, and the downfall of tomorrow is that 56% of the class has a copy of all of the formulas since the first topic this 2nd quarter, while the rest doesn’t have because we are typically… very.. talented and gifted? Yes, talented and gifted folks! Ha Ha Ha.


10:50 PM

I need to go to sleep, need to wake up early tomorrow, I can’t believe that my blog would end up like my journals way back when I was 10 year’s old (please don’t read that part with the same tone as Luke Graham’s song 7 years old) with different drawing style. Trust me my drawing way back was just a rip off of ‘Diary of a Wimpy Kid’ so nothing much to show. I might show and share my old journals before once I get some more viewers lately.


-T o B e Co n t i n u e D-

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